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Since its founding in 2014 in the UK, HaveTrade Software Solutions LTD. has created innovative products and solutions for FX brokerage firms. Serving over 70 businesses and individuals, they have set industry standards. The company…


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Squared Financial is a global investment gateway to all types of financial products and services. A company’s world-class customer support and FinTech help you manage, grow and diversify your investment. Being a licensed and regulated…



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ActivTrades Corp is specialized in online trading across various forex and CFD markets. It is an experienced CFD and forex broker that provides financial solutions for the foreign exchange market. It also offers contracts for…




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Adenasoft is a global financial solutions provider that has a substantial experience in the industry. It provides an expansive range of services that are all compounded and are fluently combined.



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White label solution: what is it, and how to find a provider?

Opening a brokerage business has become an even more attractive proposition than ever before. Recent events have positively impacted online trading such that it’s now reaching greater heights than ever before while fuelling the demand for Forex and crypto-related services. The potential for creating a lucrative business has never been more evident and is reflected in the recent upsurge in demand for white label services accessible on Finarm.

This is the best time to capitalize on an already popular trend. Finarm is on hand to help those who want to take advantage of these favorable conditions by providing the opportunity to set up their own brokerage business starting today. You can find a digital marketing agency (email marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization services) or a company that provides other white label services.

The trading platform is the heart of any brokerage company, and all aspiring brokers have questions about it. These questions range from how to configure the platform, how to connect prospective traders to an online traders’ room, how to set up a payment system, and many more.

Here is a thought — you do not need to be an expert on every marketing tactic in order to sell it. That is why white label services exist. Let’s back it up a bit.

As a company owner in the financial sphere, it’s hard to do everything. Websites, reputation, growing your community —how do you keep pace with all these segments when they are evolving at breakneck speed? The new options that financial companies need are constantly expanding. We should admit that it’s hard to keep up with the latest options your customers are waiting for.

One of the earliest decisions you will make when starting a new brokerage is whether it’s better to use proprietary software or utilize white-label software.

However, to maximize the potential of your forex firm, you need more than just a website for trading. Your potential consumers expect a certain level of service from trading platforms, and a management system is necessary to integrate within the platform.

That is where white-label and private label software, projects, and tools come into play to fill in your gaps and help you become a full-service platform.

The most popular solution among novice brokers is to pick up the White Label brokerage. Let’s dig in!


What is a White-Label, and how does it work?

There is no single definition for what White Label services are. However, we can say that a White Label is an established company that already owns a platform and has enough technical and technological experience to set up and maintain the seamless work of the platform. White label services are services made with third-party interference and sold by the reseller. The white-label service provider will make a task for you, while the reseller takes care of the client-facing part of the work, such as client service and sales.

Like white label software, white label services help businesses offer a service to a client it does not have skills in. In addition, time-consuming problems can be solved this way.

Common tasks accomplished by white label service providers include content producing and link building, as well as providing white label services for MT4 and other financial services. White label providers often, but not always, operate in countries with low costs of living. This allows them to offer services at a lower price.

White label services can be hired on a per-project or more consistent basis. Many providers even offer agencies the option to hire a dedicated employee. This means white label services can be used as a form of short-term employment. The benefit to the agency is that it does not have to go through a costly and time-consuming hiring process.


White label trading technology

White Label MetaTrader 4 is a ready-made solution that enables you to start a Forex brokerage or Multi-Asset business quickly.

In simple words, the Forex white label is a system to get an MT4 platform and manager access under a reputed brokerage firm. It’s kind of similar to DMA (Direct Market Access) services. It can totally be compared to a franchise program.

Attract news clients with affordable trading solutions. Use MetaTrader 4 terminal available for PCs, laptops, tablets, and mobile apps. Let the traders trade comfortably anywhere, and they will open more positions. Increase your profits thanks to commissions charged for traded lots.

Keep an eye on deposit and withdrawal of funds, and open client positions using MT4 Manager software. Build an effective sales funnel and achieve more replenishments with the help of the trained staff.

There’s no need to buy a MetaTrader server license, find hosting servers, organize or maintain the server structure 24/7. Everything is already included in White Label MT 4 solution.


What type of business should utilize white label services?

White label services are typically used by either company that wants to provide more goods to clients or organizations that need to fulfill a specific request. Sometimes a business will be based entirely on providing access to white label software and services.


White label business meeting

The company can boost its profit by offering additional services. The client already trusts the agency due to the work it has done on their website, so there’s a good chance they would be interested in using a mobile app as well as a desktop version. This could be a good business solution for the firm.

However, the company may not have enough skills in mobile app development. Or it may have the expertise but not the time to commit to offering the service. So, you can try an app builder to manage your business process.


Firms that solve a specific problem

Another example of when white labeling comes in handy is when it’s used to fulfill specific client requests.

While you could turn the request down, this would see you miss out on revenue. It also risks upsetting the client as they will have to go through the work of finding a new company to complete the task. If they do this, there’s also the danger the client will drop you for the other financial platform if they like its work.

In many cases, it will be much better to fulfill the request for the client. However, hiring someone for the job can be costly and time-consuming. A better option could be to use a white label provider.

This will allow you to sell the service to the consumer as if it was your own. There’s no way to know that you used a third-party provider.


What are the pros and cons of the white label?

It’s also possible to start a company based fully on reselling white label products. This could be a good idea if you have strong sales skills and contacts and would rather focus on the development side to make your business prosper. Some white label providers offer ‘agency in a box’ solutions that take care of almost everything for you.



There are many benefits to adding resellable and re-brandable digital marketing services and projects to your core business model.

One of the key advantages is scaling. These white-label solutions allow you to scale your business in many ways, fast and securely.

  • Scale your services. By leveraging white or private label solutions, you are able to instantly add new services to your trading company. You can quickly grow from a small brokerage to a big company and beyond.
  • Scale your costs. Leveraging these resellable solutions (white label or private label ) means you are cutting overhead and resource expenses. There is no development work or IT setup for products. There are no training or in-house bodies for fulfillment. Everything is turnkey.
  • Scale your revenue. By leveraging white and private label solutions, you are adopting a bulletproof ROI model. Get products and services at wholesale, markup the price, then resell under your agency’s brand.

That is not all, we can also mention:

  • It saves your time and money. One of the biggest advantages of white label marketing is that it saves product development time. We do not have to reinvent the wheel. You can go to market quicker because you do not have to develop, hire, train, etc., you also save on product development costs.
  • Focus on what you do best. For example, improve your marketing approach. This ready-made solution will save you a great deal of financial and human capital resources.
  • Start quickly and easily. It takes only a few weeks once you decide to run your new Forex white-label site until it’s up and running, and then you only need to focus on boosting your site within the trading community.
  • Manage your clients and the website smoothly. Create new clients, execute deposits and withdrawals, observe the live trading activity of your clients and view overall portfolio performance.
  • When using a solid Forex platform, both you and the network benefit. There are advantages to both ends. The benefits include the size, number of participants, and assets of all the brands. More users and rooms lead to higher prices and jackpots.

White label is something you must consider if you are to remain relevant. And that is especially true in the competitive business environment we are living in.



  • Limited control of the website’s brand. A ready-made website with very limited design tools, little control of the look and feel of the site.
  • Access to CRM, retention clients, and the database is limited. You do not control or operate the systems. This may be an issue when you have a database of players.
  • Loss of revenues since the platform is taking 40% of the net income they earn from the players for themselves. In the beginning, you have very little power to negotiate percentages with the platform.


The easiest way to find a provider

In the digital world, it’s hard to be a jack of all trades and succeed. Digital services are constantly evolving, and for an agency specializing in everything, it’s kind of hard to keep up with client requests.

MT4 White Label Program gives you an opportunity to launch your own trading platform (brokerage on Forex) and find a risk management solution. But just the MT4 license is not enough. You need to take care of a few more things to start operating.

Seeing as how this is beyond your expertise, you can hire an agency that provides white label development services to take care of the development tasks while you focus on your own niche. In essence, this is the definition of these services.

There is a wide range of white-label contracting solutions that supply firm owners with superb tools for their outsourcing needs.


What is Finarm?

It’s a comprehensive financial platform that is accessed by thousands of brokers all over the world. Finarm has no analogs now, and it’s the best website both for brokers and providers. You can find a service quickly and easily for a cryptocurrency or Forex brokerage company, as well as provide ultimate solutions for your target audience.

The site makes collaboration between brokers and providers as simple as possible. It offers a listing with a wide range of providers with detailed reviews and comments from their customers. Finding a provider quickly and easily for a cryptocurrency or Forex brokerage company has been streamlined through Finarm. You will find the most suitable provider among top companies:

  • Legal help;
  • Financial service;
  • Broker setup;
  • Marketing;
  • Software solutions.

In addition, there are upcoming events in the financial and blockchain spheres, the biggest news, and helpful articles.


Key benefits

Here are the key advantages that Finarm can give to your company. Take a look at them:

  • The latest information. It does the hard work for you: its objective research keeps you up to date with the latest offerings from reliable providers.
  • Less work is required. As the choice of providers grows, the amount of research required also grows. Finarm shortens the time needed to find a company relevant to your business needs.
  • A vast range of providers. Its aim is to provide complete market coverage, keep you as informed as possible, and help you with making the right decision.
  • All things are under control. Describe your business only once and exclusively to those providers that match your requirements.
  • Quick and effective. Use our searching tools and find a service in a flash.
  • Great customer support. Finarm supports its community in the best way possible. Its team is ready to help you with everything regarding the search and pick up the best offer for your business.


How to find a white label partner?

Just imagine, only three easy steps are needed to find the best provider on Finarm:

  • Select a service.
  • Customize your search. Take into consideration all the key details about your firm, available budget, and needed options. So, you will be able to find a provider from a shortlist, accessible on Finarm.
  • Make a decision. Check out reviews, comments from customers, and finally, contact the provider. Finarm will connect you and the white label firm so you will be able to get the service needed for your firm.

That is all! So, do not just take our word for it. Try it out for yourself.


In conclusion. Should I use these white label services?

In short, white labeling services can save a business a colossal amount of time and money. Investing in a proven white label solution can give a business that professional boost it needs.

From a business perspective, all of the above is priceless because it frees up crucial capital for you to invest in other areas of your business like lead acquisition, advertising, or new employees.

This article shows there are a lot of options to find the best white labeling to offer additional services. In fact, there are so many different software and service solutions out there it’s even possible to build an agency run using white label products only.

As long as you are careful when it comes to monitoring the quality output of the final project, white labeling can be a great way to grow your brokerage. You can get full guidance and review of the trading platform right here.

Be an industry leader with the best white label services accessible on Finarm!