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TMDHosting vs Bluehost: 5 points

17 December 2020, 14:12


There are five undeniable advantages of TMDHosting comparing to Bluehost:

  • Hosting plans and prices

TMDHosting has much more diversified hosting plans that give the clients better value for money.

  •  Features in the hosting plan

Bluehost limits your options depending on the plan, and TMDHosting offers its users unlimited resources.

  • Better performance

Bluehost uses one data center for its services, and TMDHosting uses the servers’ network on four continents.

  • Security

Bluehost has only basic security features, while TMDHosting uses a modern security system.

  • Support

TMDHosting has a more convenient help desk and experienced support team.


For the full article visit https://bit.ly/3anG5XA

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