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SquaredFinancial Digest: December 6 – 12, 2021

SquaredFinancial Digest: December 6 – 12, 2021

We have prepared a digest for you with the biggest news and updates on SquaredFinancial company. Take a look at them.


SquaredFinancial Group boasted great Q3 results and the latest board appointments

SquaredFinancial Group, a multi-asset fintech brokerage company, published information about Q3 trading results. As stated by the organization, it reached a 266% growth in volume as well as a more than 220% increase in its list of users. In addition, the company had a 200% soar in gross profits.

It is also important to note that the SquaredFinancial Group widened its set of solutions on the platform. As stated by Philippe Ghanem, Founder and Executive Chairman of the company: “We set out to build something different, listen to what clients want and provide stability and security.”

So, its clients can use more than 10,000 trading tools and solutions across different assets: commodities, stocks, and even cryptocurrencies. We should also highlight that, according to the data published by the company, gold was revealed as the highest traded instrument this year.

And last but not least, the company selected three new board members. Among them are Dirk Van Daele, Vusi Thembekwayo and Philippe Préval. So, they will improve the brand and make it more prosperous thanks to their great experience.


SquaredFinancial warned customers about scammers

It is not a secret that scammers are lurking around every digital corner.

That’s why a multi-asset fintech broker warned its customers about fraudsters posing themselves as SquaredFinancial.

The company identified that its website was copied and cloned in a set of countries.

However, the firm takes all measures needed to find and report them.

It is important to note that official websites are www.squaredfinancial.com and sc.squaredfinancial.com.

In case you need more information, please drop them a line at support@squaredfinancial.com.


SquaredFinancial participated at the Investment and Trading Forum Milan

A multi-asset fintech brokerage organization, SquaredFinancial, took part in an exhibition at the ITForum Milano this November (Nov.23 – 24). This event is one of the most anticipated in Italy devoted to investment, finances and trading.

It is important to note that this firm was the only brokerage company to participate along with traditional financial companies and giant banks from different countries.

More than 6000 traders, entrepreneurs and experts from the financial industry were gathered there.

SquaredFinancial showed its products and top-notch services, accessible for clients. Fabio Castano, head of sales in Southern Europe, held a workshop about gaining money at trading, different trading analysis methods, tools, and etc.

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