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Master These 6 Crypto Research Tools And Join The 1% of Top Investors

Master These 6 Crypto Research Tools And Join The 1% of Top Investors

Becoming an elite crypto investor requires knowing how to research tokens before the hype. Master these 6 tools and start finding alpha early.

Track Every Coin On CoinGecko

CoinGecko lists every altcoin across every exchange, allowing you to discover and analyze new projects instantly. Use the search bar to quickly evaluate any asset.

Metrics like market cap, volume, liquidity, and social stats provide valuable fundamental context on a project and how it’s trending.

Chart Prices On TradingView

TradingView powers the price charts and technical analysis for every major platform. Getting proficient will make you a better trader and investor when evaluating assets.

Learn to quickly parse candlestick patterns, indicators, and timeframes. TradingView is a must-have for charting crypto.

Monitor New Listings On DexTools

DexTools focuses specifically on decentralized exchange coins, tracking brand new assets before they hit CoinGecko. Identify the hottest DEX gems and check token contract safety.

For high risk/high reward alpha, DexTools is invaluable. You’ll find big opportunities on there consistently before the masses arrive.

Maximize Yields On DeFi Llama

DeFi Llama lets you easily discover the highest available staking, yield farming, and lending rates across every protocol. Maximize APY on your tokens with automated optimization tools.

Passive income is a secret strength of crypto. DeFi Llama opens a world of exciting opportunities through decentralized finance.

Avoid Dumps With Token Unlocks

Token Unlocks provides incredibly useful vesting and lockup data to gauge potential dumping risks. Make informed decisions by knowing when insiders will gain liquidity.

Use token unlock profiles for due diligence before investing. Look for lower team allocations and completed vesting schedules.

Track Events On CoinMarketCal

CoinMarketCal compiles upcoming events for every crypto project so you can find catalysts early. Look for exchange listings, product launches, token burns, or forks.

Time buys and sells around major project milestones. CoinMarketCal provides valuable signals other traders may be missing.

Mastering these crypto research tools will give you an unfair edge when investing. Don’t just follow hype – use these resources to uncover alpha and generate your own ideas.

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