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DMALINK partners with Gold-i in APAC countries

21 December 2020, 13:12

DMALink Goldi


In the official press release DMALINK, a company that provides RegTech and Forex trading services announced its partnership with Gold-i. This partnership will allow DMALINK to enter the markets of APAC countries, and Gold-i will help it to achieve this goal with its client base in this region.

This new alliance will allow Gold-i’s customers to choose from the biggest list of RegTech services. It will also increase the offering that Gold-i makes to its institutional clients, one of the most important company’s customers.

Earlier it was announced that CMC Markets entered into the partnership with Gold-i, which will help it to develop its liquidity network.

For the full article visit https://bit.ly/2KE8s9b

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