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Alibaba Cloud Digest

Alibaba Cloud Digest

We have prepared a digest for you with the biggest news and updates on Alibaba Cloud company. Take a look at them.


BaaS: Blockchain and Data Protection

Fans of this distributed ledger system think that it is one of the best solutions to keep personal data and transfers safe and sound.

Many individuals and firms have already started to use this technology or are actively looking into it.

It represents a potentially lucrative approach to data for any field, with all of the data contributed by the members of a complex supply chain or value chain secure and available to all entities participating in the chain ecosystem.


Quantum service as a key for cryptosecurity

The Alibaba Cloud company has been developing its own niche in the fast-developing segment. It collaborated with the Chinese Academy of Sciences. As a result, the organization launched a project based on its own quantum tech.

This prominent technology produced by Alibaba is now being put to the test for data encryption for financial transfers designed for its customers. Among them are Ant Financial and Alipay.


Alibaba Cloud offers free ACA Security exam coupons

You have a great chance to prove your knowledge with Alibaba cloud’s fintech solution and become an expert today. All you need is to pass all these short quizzes:

  • Fundamentals;
  • Cloud-native;
  • Security.

So, you will be able to get a coupon to pass a security exam, receive an electronic certificate, and share your achievement on social media channels.

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