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Trader’s Room




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FXE Prime is a truly innovative company that has offices in places like Silicon Valley, Poland, and Chicago and is actively engaged in the development of financial technologies. Since its launch in 2015, FX-EDGE has been developing its own trading technology based on the “no last look execution” principle. FX-EDGE is currently one of the trading venues for ECN.

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B2Broker is a technology and liquidity provider for the Forex, CFD’s, and Cryptocurrency markets. The company offers a wide range of solution that impove the work of financial companies around the globe.




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Smart Broker Solution assists companies in creating or improving brokerage firms by providing complex financial solution. Moreover, the company offers its legal services, which is an essential part of brokerage creation process.


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FX BRIDGE Technologies is a financial technology and solutions provider. The company specializes in providing solutions for automated trading of derivatives, swaps, non-deliverable forwards, and options. FX Bridge software is used by brokers and banks to operate in the Forex and capital markets.





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TradeSmarter is an experienced player on the financial technologies market. The company provides customizable platforms and tools, which help its customers to establish new brokerage firms.

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HaveTrade is provider of Fintech services Forex brokerages. The wide range of products and services allows this company to attract brokers from different countries and with different level of experience in Forex.



Meta FX Solution is a Forex solutions provider for brokers. The company’s services are suitable for those who want to establish a new brokerage firm or those who are looking for value-added features for their existing firm.



Easy FX Solutions is a Forex technology provider. It helps companies develop and expand their business reach. The financial tools and solutions created by Easy FX Solutions are everything that Forex brokers might need on their daily basis. Easy FX Solutions has helped to establish more than a 100 brokerage firms.

Trader’s Room

It is a web-based trade portal that retail Forex clients can access upon making an account. This outstanding application is designed to save a ton of time and to avoid possible losses. It is more than just a client area, it allows managing trades all in one place. It creates a great possibility for brokers.
So, a trader is able to control personal information, create and customize trading sub-account. In addition, traders can transfer money from one account to another, deposit, and make withdrawals along with many other options available there.
Are you ready to choose a successful Trading room, but you have no idea how to identify the most suitable one? We are here to help you. Various things should be taken into consideration.
We have collected several guidelines and tips that will be useful for you. Take a look at them and choose the most suitable Trading room from the list published above. So, let’s dig in!


Key features to keep in mind

Suffice to say, there is a wide range of trading rooms in the market to choose from. Approximately 80% of companies provide Trading Room systems filled with the same options. Nevertheless, some of them are more popular among traders than others.

But since there are so many offers in the market, choosing the right one might seem a bit complicated. Before picking a trading room, there are various features that you should take into consideration. Here you can see the most important things that you should analyze before making a decision


High-security level is a number one priority

Do not forget that the protection of your funds by and large rests on your shoulders. So, you should not overlook the security of a trading room. If it is possible, please, take some extra steps to level up security.
Be very mindful of the fact that the companies, that built these trading apps, have full access to all information. They can get your personal information, emails, deposits, and so on.


Security tips that should be taken into consideration

So, you should avoid platforms that are owned by a firm that can pass along your client list to a competitor in case of a conflict of interest. It is not OK if the company pretends to be independent and open to all liquidity providers on paper, but is only working with those LPs who are paying them back rebates for flow. These companies also tend to end up pitching their own “partner LP”.
Security, therefore, is a top priority for the biggest Forex brokerages and for the entire market too. They employ all the latest security practices, preventing a data breach. Provide ultimate protection, keeping funds and personal information safe and sound.


Active social media account of the product

Staying active and up-to-date on social media channels results in many benefits for providers.
Social media platforms allow providers to listen to their customers directly. Traders post and share exactly what they are waiting for, love, and would change about trading apps, services, and experiences.
According to the recent Google restrictions, these companies test all sorts of banners and available advertising methods. Using a social media account for business is a great strategy to position yourself in the market, to create brand awareness, and generate additional website traffic. In addition, engaging with traders (respond to comments and questions), creating value, and promoting products on media platforms. Open and check them out before making a final decision.


It should be simple to use

We can admit that it is not so complicated to open, upload and use these trade portals. In fact, a Trading room should be connected to your trading account easily via a plugin or API. No matter if you are an experienced trader, or a novice, everything should be clear for you.
We have a useful tip for you: if you do not have your own MT4 or MT5 server, just open a Manager API integration. It does not require any additional work in terms of technology. You should also keep in mind that the major part of providers does not allow White Labels to organize plugin installations.


Cost of a product

Many things can influence its cost. Take a look at them below:

  • Where the organization is located;
  • Is it popular in the market and among traders;
  • Available add-on options;
  • Is it possible to customize this app or not.

Ability to enable notifications

At the time of trading, it is important to stay tuned with the market and receive the latest data. Therefore, it is one of the most required options among traders. This feature provides smooth functioning, and it will be useful for you.
Just imagine: you will be able to open the app, turn on notifications, manage your trades and track them in real-time mode.


Available reporting & analytics tools

Objectively analyzing your performance is the best method to improve your trading. Open and examine your trades. It is really awesome if it is possible to have analytic reports that are needed for analyzing a particular thing. For example, the ability to open and see trades, IB or account reports, withdrawal, and deposit information.


Excellent customer service

There is a lot of negative press coverage in the market for companies that deliver poor customer service. The number one reason why a trader leaves is because he or she feels like the company does not care about its users. It will further damage the company’s reputation and drive potential traders away.


Critical things to consider

It is not a secret that you may face certain issues during the trading, and you need a service you can rely on. You may need assistance immediately in order to manage your trades, open or close orders, process your transaction.
In that case, a collaborative support service is needed. You as a client should have the ability to chat with the company by sending messages via online chat, social media channels, and email.
Each issue should be recorded in the ticket and resolved by the experienced and dedicated support team in a matter of minutes.
So, you should pay close attention to response time, as one of the main goals in customer service is speed.


FAQ is more than customer support

It is not obligatory, but it is a great plus if the app has its own FAQ web page. Frequently Asked Questions is an organized collection of valuable information that traders ask about the market, tools, trades, account, and the app. Definitely, it is a go-to destination, and FAQ has the most overlooked pages.
It is a useful way to prepare yourself for trading. So, open and see the information that other customers often ask in advance.


What is included in a report?

Once connected, you will receive a fully controlled and customized system that allows you to receive a detailed report and analytics. Reports can be generated depending on your requirements. The trader can have monthly, weekly, yearly or quarterly reports.


Multilingual service

First and foremost, you may be using the service and your account from any location.
With only 25% of internet users being native English speakers (from the USA or the United Kingdom), it is great if a company cares for the other 75% and is sensitive to their needs.
Check out if the company supports a global community in the best way possible and is it ready to help you, regardless of which language you speak. So, there will be no need to access or use a third-party app or site due to this language barrier.


Secure payment system

The payment portal plays a major role as it involves financial transactions. There should be a high-security level provided for customers, and the ability to choose the most convenient option from a great range of payment solutions. For example, a bank card (debit or credit) or Skrill, bank account or PayPal, etc.
So, you may open and use the Trading Room and complete your transactions easily in a secure and seamless manner. No matter if you live in a country that is a part of the SEPA zone (for example, the United Kingdom) or not in a member state. Without any fear of data loss, fraud, or third-party interference.


Mobile app both for iOS and Android customers

The use of the Internet on mobile is increasing worldwide with every single day passing by. The main reason behind this can be the fact that it provides the convenience of carrying it along wherever you go. Use of the Trading Room features should be available on a mobile version too.
So, in order to meet customers’ needs, it is necessary for FX firms to roll out a mobile app, providing all the features of the full Trading room service right on a small screen of a phone without any malfunction.

When it comes to mobility and convenience, applications are incredibly popular among traders. Just imagine: you can trade, manage your account, trades, and money on the go, no matter where you are.
The trading app should be designed in a way that enhances the user experience having easy navigation features and allows you to trade on your mobile device any time and any place.

There is no need to have a desktop or laptop to trade anymore. Trading has become handier with the help of mobile apps. You will be able to manage your account, track trades, and trading processes, and also regulate your funds right from the palm of your hand.


The latest market updates

A user-friendly Trading Room is not the only thing that providers may offer. The best is yet to come. There are still a lot of options that can be supplemented into the trading portal. They can make trading and managing processes smoother than ever before.
Their users are demanding richer and more efficient experiences with mobile and desktop versions. They want interactions to be seamless and unfettered. To meet these expectations, companies must monitor their performance regularly, and take all the necessary steps.
Moreover, before picking a trade portal, you should open and examine the latest updates and feedback from its customers. Find out, is it a ready-to-use module or not.


Choosing the best Trading Room on Finarm

One of the main reasons that so many traders struggle is the lack of useful info from trading gurus to guide them properly. Suitable trade models and hacks where simple to complex elements are taught and explained on a real-time basis.
When someone trades alone in their home office with no accountability or guidance. They tend to struggle to find trade ideas and lack a credible support system. In other words, they often make the same mistakes over and over again. Simply put, this is not a good recipe for success.
Our universal aggregator is a perfect place. Here you can find the most suitable web-based trade portal for you among top services. You can get guidance and prof advice from experienced and authoritative traders (just open our blog). Also, be aware of the latest market news and updates in this sphere. Open and see by yourself!


In conclusion

We hope that our article will be useful for you. By now, you have got a good idea of how to choose the most convenient portal for trading. So stay tuned for further updates!