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TradeTech FX Amsterdam

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TRADETECH FX is one of the largest conferences in the FX industry, which allows you to upgrade your investment and trading strategies with the help of different market leaders. The leaders attending the conference include regulators, sellers, trading platforms representatives, and technology providers. This will allow the event participants to evaluate their opportunities, see a full 360 ° perspective, and stay abreast of new trends in the forex industry.

At TRADETECH FX you can also expect to see more than 300 most influential executives from Europe’s largest FX firms.

As an exceptional FX conference, designed by the professionals for the professionals, TRADETECH FX will allow you to find practical solutions that will help finish your most difficult investment and trading tasks and successfully find new opportunities.

Presentations at TRADETECH FX will be held on following main topics:

  • What kind of liquidity innovations does every provider offer to improve access to the new pools and technologies?
  • Which e-commerce innovations does every provider offer to help improve your current e-commerce position?

TRADETECH FX will provide several essential benefits to its participants. First of all, you will be able to learn how to develop and build an eTrading platform. These platforms are necessary when trying to reduce the costs, integrate the Smart Broker Selection program, and get a partnership with liquidity providers.

You will be also able to hear lots of insights from our special speaker – Roberto Forzani, who is one of the leading and most experienced performance consultants. Roberto Forzani has unique expertise that constantly helps companies, managers, and executives to realize their full potential.

Thus, TRADETECH FX will help you experience the latest technologies used by market leaders and will help you understand who is best suited to meet your needs in times of high market volatility.