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TradeTech FX MIAMI

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TRADETECH FX annually attracts more than 600 Forex market leaders. This is an event that shows who is who in the industry, including the key regulators, buy and sell-side representatives, trading platforms, and different technology companies.

TRADETECH FX provides an opportunity to meet the leaders from some of the largest brands in the industry.

Creating such space for the participants allows us to shape a better future for the entire financial industry!

Why TradeTech FX is an FX event worth visiting:

  • No other event would bring together so many executives of the FX-businesses: more than 250 asset, hedge funds, CTA, and pension funds managers. This allows you to not only share your story but also compare your FX business to the more experienced ones in the market.
  • No other event would bring together so many FX companies representing all parts of the financial chain, turning Miami Beach into the main networking center of FX.
  • No other event would offer such a unique FX-related educational program divided into 3 full days, that would be specifically designed for professionals. The program is based on more than 80 research interviews. Studying these interviews will help you see your existing tasks and opportunities from the new perspective as well as improve your trading and portfolio management skills.
  • No other event would offer to hear presentations from so many speakers that have years of experience in business and FX in particular. This will prove that practical ideas should come from those who lead the industry.
  • No other event would allow you to explore such a great number of FX innovations and learn about the latest technologies.