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ShowFX World, Warsaw

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SHOWFX WORLD, WARSAW, which is a major financial conference, organized by ShowFx World, is planned for the late November this year. The event organizers are currently developing an exhibition program, which will be appealing to both beginners and experienced traders.

SHOWFX WORLD, WARSAW is for everyone who is involved in the Forex market!

Do not miss this conference if you:

  • Prefer first-hand expertise
  • Are interested in Forex and want to learn more about this market
  • Want to chat with the trading professionals
  • Want to get acquainted with financial markets
  • Are looking for a suitable broker
  • Want to discover new trading strategies
  • Need to develop your trading plan

The participants will enormously benefit from the informal communication environment provided by ShowFx World. SHOWFX WORLD, WARSAW will create favorable conditions for businesses to conclude business agreements as well as for individuals, where they will be able to establish long-term business connections.

Thus, the conference will help to create a community where everyone would be able to find inspiration for new ideas and could establish mutually beneficial partnerships.

The event is totally free!