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The Democracy4all International Conference has been held annually since 2019. Geniuses, experts and policy makers come together to participate and argue the concluding improvements in technology and management. Its direction has become an extraordinary event in the world as it focuses on the use of blockchain as a means of democratic advancement in terms of sociable, marketable and personal administration. It provides Catalonia with the opportunity to host the most important international conferences for political parties and institutions everywhere, helping to accelerate dialogue between government agencies and new technologies.

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    Blockchain Futurist Conference
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    Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit
    The 4th edition of the Blockchain Economy Summit will be held in Istanbul After a two-year Covid-19 pandemic, the Blockchain Economy Summit will be held again in Istanbul on July 27-28, 2022…
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    NFT Expoverse Los Angeles
    July 29 -31, 2022 in Los Angeles Convention Center “Future, what is happening” NFT Expoverse is the certain big-scale adoption of blockchain technology. An academic three-day event that shows how it affects our world. Whether you’re a business or an individual, you’ll learn…
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    DigiMarCon UK 2022
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    Crypto Gibraltar
    Crypto Gibraltar brings together more than 1,000 crucial figures in the Crypto community for two-day meetings, partakers and sunshine. You can not miss this event! Take part and enjoy!
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    Blockchain & Liberty for All
    Blockchain & Liberty for All is a one – day virtual event that encourages regional degrees to come together and join from all over the world. concentrating on a decentralized arrangement, blockchain provides all townies of all homelands with the chance of free hand of economic and self – sovereignty. This event will concentrate on individualism, decentralization, tokenomics and economics, banking, administration, and authorization. All GBA degrees are encouraged to host regional conjunctions so that GBA parts can experience the…