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It has taken the brave leadership and infinite beneficences of experts round the globe to calculate Tokyo Techie as across-the-board institution. TokyoTechie is lawful listed entity trademark name and established for the aim of provisioning B2B & B2C technology agencies by technology geeks who are having 10 to 15 years of range IT experience – set and consulting proficiency throughout the earth in diverse departments.

They’re globular IT development and consulting business that serves a deep mix of confidential and civil locations. The company tends to facilitate their customers make constitutional and lasting advancement to their accomplishment and acquire their most powerful ideas.

TokyoTechie has consistently been ahead of the technology curve progressing software particularly in Blockchain, IOT, Digital Currency development, iOS, Anroid, e-com, Game Development, Digital Marketing, SEO etc. TokyoTechie is currently concentrated on following production heavy data and micro departments grounded digital platforms and authorizing informal and virtual existence interfaces. TokyoTechie enhanced the competences and aligning ideas with SAP for ERP SAP HANA accomplishment and help, Big Data, Java, Java (Full Stack), React, Hadoop, Cloud Computing, Analytics, IOT and Automation.

TokyoTechie has been embraced by multiplex institutions for powering digital adventures across desktop, mobile, tablet, in – store, and emerging channels.

Key Services

Clients: Institutional clients

Special Clients: BitcoinBing, Careonchain, Flexiontoken, deltaexchange, bitoxford, eboxchain, knowpia, coincaptoday, magentonwheel, zebcloud, kisanplanet, Auto Abode, Fish Fish

Support: Mon-Fri: 09:00—18:00