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Soft-FX is a software company which was founded in 2005 as a provider of products and solutions for the cryptocurrency,  financial organizations and professionals. 

The corporation has been created as the constituent complete in order to provide clients with the most up-to-date technical solutions, perfect product development and quick business resolutions.

Soft-FX does not centralize its labour on any narrow sphere of products, trying to create a wide range of instruments in order to give the possibility of choice to different clients. Each product of the company meets all contemporary technological requirements, market demand, and pattern of the highest quality. All company’s background is day by day integrated into production development together with the meticulous analysis of the market supply and demand to help companies improve their efficiency.

Soft-FX group is represented by proficient programmers, business analysts, system administrators, lawyers, marketing specialists, financial economists and support service specialists. Company’s Leaders do their utmost to ingrain a sense of belonging to the activity of the whole company into each staff member. The Company is deeply convinced that each user of its products is not just a mere episode of sales success, but a partner, having belief and authority in Soft-FX.

Incessantly expanding corporation will reaffirm that if you have chosen Soft-FX, you will enjoy the appropriate vector of tactical development.

Key Services

Clients: Institutional clients

Special Clients: FXOpen, StormGain, FXPRIMUS, Libertex, Free2Ex

Support: 24/7


Head Of Business Development at Soft-FX
Pavel Satsuk
Head Of Business Development at Soft-FX
Director of Software Engineering at Soft-FX
Denis Lubentsov
Director of Software Engineering at Soft-FX
Head of C++ Development Department at Soft-FX
Ivan Shynkarenka
Head of C++ Development Department at Soft-FX