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$3150 - $12000

SmartContract.ru leads the Russian market for smart contracts developers, blockchain products and software for STO and ICO.

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ICOadmin is an innovative tech company, aiming to provide secure and convenient ICO software solutions, including ICO platform, bounty software, legal consulting and smart contract development. The team behind our product consists of leading software developers with experience the following technologies stack: Ruby on Rails, Jenkins, mongoDB, PostgreSQL. Together with our dedicated, professional marketers, account managers, and support teams we strive to deliver the best possible experience support and security, and assist our clients in launching their ICO.

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As a technically sound STO agency in Australia, Espay Exchange accompanies STO in their complete technical development. Our blockchain developers are experts in developing the most important programming languages ​​and frameworks from the blockchain scene. You can take over all the necessary technical services related to your STO development: Smart Contract Development, Investor Dashboard Creation, STO Security and many more.

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We are crowdfunding platform UAB "Finansų Bitė verslui". Crowdfunding for small and medium enterprises is our core business activity since year 2017. More than 4,3 M Euros in loans has been crowdfunded since our inception. In year 2018 we started to adapt crowdfunding solutions for equity and debt based financial instruments. Desico, is our brand name for publicly issued securities.

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The Dusk Network is a permissionless blockchain that keeps the records of confidential security contracts (XSC). XSCs can be used to issue, register, and trade digital securities. Upon mainnet release anyone can issue digital securities through Dusk. At this stage we work exclusively with selected companies to prepare the launch of their offering. Interested to work with us? Apply for our issuance programme today!

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The leading blockchain development & consultancy agency in the MENA region. We innovate to raise the standards. Learn more to find out how.