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NetTradeX Corp.

Company description:

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NetTradeX Corp. is focusing on developing trading software solutions that would make the trading experience nice and effortless. The company stands behind the creation of several technologies that are still widely used by professional traders and technical analysts.

NetTradeX trading platform is essentially a set of software products, which help to execute trades on the financial markets. The NetTradeX platform has all the functions necessary for traders to place the orders effectively, and for brokerage companies to provide exceptional services and customer support.

NetTradeX software includes the following features:

– Multi-monitor interface
– Live trading and simulation trading
– Technical analysis tools
– Automatic order execution
– A wide selection of technical indicators
– Multi-monitor and user-friendly interface with workspace management capabilities
– Ability to close a deal with one click
– Order execution tools, including a trailing stop
– High level of protection of personal and trade information

For the convenience of traders, the platform implements not only the mechanism for viewing quotes and balance sheets, instant delivery of news about major economic events, a detailed history of past transactions, but also the ability to instantly withdraw funds.

The mobile version of the platform carries all the above-mentioned features.
The following versions of the NetTradeX terminal are currently available:

NetTradeX PC – trading/analytics platforms
NetTradeX iOS – mobile version for iOS devices
NetTradeX Android – Mobile Version for Android devices
NetTradeX Mobile – Mobile Version for Windows Mobile devices

NetTradeX fully meets all the requirements of brokers for trading systems, allowing you to automatically perform a wide range of tasks!

Founded in 2004

This company provides the following services: