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Match–Trade Technologies

Company description:

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Description: Match–Trade Technologies is a financial and information technology solutions provider. The company assists their clients in the brokerage creation process.

Key Services:

  • White Label,
  • Trading Platform,
  • Brokerage Creation: Company Registration, Liquidity Provider, Mobile, Web, and Desktop App, MT4/MT5 Bridges, PAMM Investment Solution, Payment System, Broker CRM, Website Creation, Digital Marketing

Founded: 2013

Location: California, United States

Offices: Poland, Korea, India, Malaysia

Special Features: Ability to download the trading app directly from the website, crypto exchange platform.

Advantages: Demo version, ability to start a brokerage in 7 days, platform branding, over 120 instruments available, automatic KYC, trading accounts are visible under a single email, credit card and wire transfers integrated, payments tracking system.

Clients: Institutional and retail clients

Support: 24/5


Michael Karczewski photo
Michael Karczewski
Chief Operating Officer
Chris Dankowski photo
Chris Dankowski
Chief Business Development Officer
Arek Dankowski photo
Arek Dankowski
Chief Information Officer
Katarzyna Zielińska photo
Katarzyna Zielińska
Head of Marketing
Nizwan S. N. Halimi photo
Nizwan S. N. Halimi
Head of South-East Asia
Karol Rychlicki photo
Karol Rychlicki
Head of Blockchain Developers
Mariusz Krysiak photo
Mariusz Krysiak
Head of Dealing and Broker Support
Sargis Manukyan photo
Sargis Manukyan
Head of Broker Solutions