Kryll is a renowned provider of automated trade services. Kryll helps you design and test your very own crypto trading tactic. Automated trades of this nature don’t require you to be sitting at your device to monitor the trade rates or research market data. The technology does the heavy lifting for you! Kryll even offers its users a mobile app from which they can quickly alter their trade system in case they notice a shift in the market.


Key Services


Kryll Security

Kryll has a variety of systems it uses to protect your cryptocurrency funds. The platform uses API to connect to a user’s account directly.

Kryll Security

Kryll also advises its users to enable two-factor authentication to avoid fraudulent activity. Besides this, the company also urges customers to make certain that the ETH address given on their account is legitimate.

Automated Trading Strategies

Kryll allows for the easy and seamless creation of complex trading strategies, after which you can configure the software to run strategies without your input. “WYSIWYT” (What You See Is What You Trade) TradeTM interface allows for easy backtesting and sandbox simulation of crypto trading strategies. This function allows you to safely test and decide whether or not a specific strategy is best for your business purposes.


Automated Trading StrategiesThe most astonishing thing is that you don’t need any prior programming knowledge to set up your own trading strategy. Kryll’s interface is specifically designed to be easily understandable and accessible to everyone.

Design Powerful Crypto Trading Strategies

With the drag’n drop editor, Kryll clients get the ability to copy and test a vast amount of tactics against each other. This is another functionality that adds to the seamless user experience that Kryll provides.

As well as that, Kryll provides its users with accurate market indicators and value triggers inside their editor that are, in the spirit of everything inside the drag’n drop editor, easily understandable for an average user.

Design Powerful Crypto Trading Strategies

In addition, Kryll has a Pro Mode in which the indicators and triggers are replaced with more advanced market data and risk-reward technology.

Market Cap Trading

This algorithm allows users to trade assets whenever the price of the asset either drops or rises to their desired price. As a consequence, the trader has increased control over the automated process of trading so that they can maximize their profits.

Strategy Adaptation

Kryll hosts a strategy market on their site in which you can see the performance and downfalls of many complex trading strategies and select the one that’s best suited for your purposes. You can not only run backtests with the adopted strategy but actually use it in live trading as well.

Although, this giant pool of strategies doesn’t come from random Kryll clients. You need to first apply to be a publisher. After applying, your trade history and strategy success get evaluated. This technique seeks to reduce the number of bad strategies that would otherwise flood the platform.

Free Trial

Kryll offers a demo version of their platform for traders that aren’t so sure about investing real money into the system just yet. This demo version, however, is not limited in any way compared to the full paid version, so you get an accurate evaluation of the Kryll platform before committing any money to the platform.

Kryll is more advanced compared to other platforms, so we advise every potential client to check out the demo version to see if the service is in line with your ambitions.

Kryll Price

Kryll doesn’t charge you any sort of subscription to use the platform. You pay for as much as you use the trading strategies on the Kryll platform. Backtesting, on the other hand, is completely free. You can freely test any trading strategy from the Kryll strategy marketplace.

Kryll Price


Although, Kryll does implement fees though. Whenever you make a deal or an exchange, you have to pay a fee in KRL, Kryll’s platform token. You acquire these tokens by either buying them directly from Kryll itself, or you can get awarded with them when you qualify for a publisher role and other users successfully use your shared strategy.

Account Levels

Kryll offers a wide variety of account levels that should fit any kind of client. The account level differs from the last with the amount of KRL (Kryll Tokens) that Kryll rewards their users with when they share their successful strategies, and they succeed on other users’ accounts.

0 KRL Level

A 0 KRL account is what every Kryll user starts with. This account contains ten trading slots, a 20% referral program, and a $0.06 live test fee.

5,000 KRL Level

When you donate an amount equivalent to 5k KRL or are awarded the same amount or more, you get access to this account level. With this level, you get access to 20 trading slots, a 15% fee reduction, a 20% referral program, and $0.05 daily live test charges.

20,000 KRL Level

A sizable contribution to Kryll’s platform gives you access to increased backtest speed, 30 trading slots, a 35% fee savings, a 30% referral program, and $0.04 daily live test expenses.

50,000 KRL Level

A 50K KRL account includes even faster backtesting, access to 40 trading slots, a $500 fee savings, a 35% referral bonus, and $0.03 daily live test charges.

100,000 KRL Level

The most costly and prestigious account level on the Kryll platform. It gives clients access to the fastest backtest speed, access to 50 trading slots, a 75% fee reduction, a 40% referral bonus, and $0.02 daily live test charges.


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Clients: Institutional clients

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Support: 24/7


Luca Benevolo CEO & founder at Kryll.io
Luca Benevolo
CEO & founder at Kryll.io
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Philippe Longère
CTO at Kryll.io
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Olivier Paul Collorafi
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