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ITTrendex was officially established in 2013 by a crew of educated forex software innovators. The maturity of the company are programmers who have been working in forex and near — forex strategies for many ages. The company’s main commitment is located in Russia in the town of Kaliningrad.

In addendum to long – term professional collaborations, many of us studied in the same course or in parallel with the Baltic State Academy of the Russian Federation, specializing in ASOiU. This made it possible to strengthen the team and achieve complete mutual understanding, which helps to perform work tasks efficiently and quickly.

For a long time of trade, the business has handled to construct projects for the perfect service of large financial organizations, fully covering all aspects of IT, and they provide all types of the most popular services in the forex industry. They chose Forex not by chance, it’s a promising direction for doing business, where software inventions are claimed.

Most of the products are targeted at forex brokers, so you can find ready — made plugins and utilities for the MetaTrader4 / 5 trading platforms, forex websites, including a forex client cabinet. The company additionally develops the direction of binary options, which you can purchase through the White Label system. By buying products, you get an excellent opportunity to advance in technological terms, as well as the opportunity to become our partner, who has privileges in the form of discounts on software and services and exclusive access to some of our services.

In addition to the possibility of purchasing ready — made programs and web projects, you can apply for the services of optimizing your sites for clients and search robots, as well as promoting on the Internet through advertising .

Key Services


ITTrendex was officially founded in 2013 by a team of experienced Forex software developers. The majority of the team are programmers who have been working with Forex and Forex-related projects for many years. The head office is located in Kaliningrad, Russia.

Over a long period of time ITTrendex has managed to build systems of comprehensive services for large financial institutions, fully covering all aspects of IT, and providing all types of the most demanded services in the Forex industry.

Most of the company’s products were designed for Forex brokers. These include plug-ins and utilities for MetaTrader 4/5 trading platforms, Forex websites, and Forex client cabinets. By buying these products, you get an excellent opportunity to advance yourself technologically and become the company’s partner, who has privileges like discounts on software and services and exclusive access to some of the services.

Besides the possibility to purchase ready-made programmes and web-projects, you may turn to ITTrendex for optimizing your websites for your clients and search engine robots and promote your websites through advertisement.

Market conditions have changed a lot lately, the market has changed, the client has changed, there are no such drastic changes in rates. Brokers are offering more and more leverage, which increases the risk on the broker’s side. Also the broker risks are affected by the ever increasing competitive offers generating different client schemes for earning with zero risk, such as: “bonus hanting”, “swap hanting”, “arbitrage” and others.  Naturally, a broker who cares about his reputation and does not have sufficient financial reserves is forced to pass on high-risk clients to a larger player (liquidity providers) who, in turn, has access to liquidity from banks and can afford to pay the client his large earnings.

The first advantage a broker who overlaps all or part of his clients gets is risk reduction. If the client earns, the broker does not have to worry about where to get the money to pay out, because the broker has the profits in the account with the liquidity provider.

The second advantage, of course, is earning from the client’s trade. The broker’s income, which overlaps with its clients, is generated by the markup. Thus, the broker profits from the client’s trade in any case, even if the client earns.

The third advantage is that the client does not feel the interference of the broker in his trade, and thus he does not have any problems with the execution of orders. This increases the client’s loyalty to the broker.

The fourth advantage is that the liquidity provider provides his quotes and the broker can expand the set of trading instruments offered to his clients at the expense of the provider’s quote source and abandon part or all of the third-party providers, saving money in the process.




VPS for Forex and beyond

A VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a Virtual Private Server that operates 24/7 and is constantly connected to the internet. Now, you will not be distracted from Forex trading by any problems with your provider or power supply.

If you are a Forex broker, VPS is a great service for your clients who would like to trade uninterruptedly around the clock. Using this service, traders do not need to always be at the monitor and monitor the trading terminals. Thanks to the fact that the VPS server is always on, the trading terminals are always on.

To start providing VPS service to your clients, traders need to login or register on our website if you haven’t done so yet. Top up your account balance with ITTrendex. Contact our manager by placing a request for VPS plans. You will need a set of programs that will be automatically installed on each VPS.

After registration you will have access to the special billing panel to manage your VPS, where you will be able to create VPS servers for your clients, as well as use the API functions to integrate the service with your website. This will allow you to receive and process VPS requests from your clients directly in the ITTrendex cabinet, as well as set up Email and SMS notifications for new requests.



Plugins and tools for MetaTrader 4/5 trading platforms, binary options trading, website optimization, digital promotion, advanced analytics for Forex, integration of payment methods, integration of CRM, Setup of VPS service, SEO optimization.

Your clients will trade more actively with easy-to-use trading tools, which increases trader loyalty and company turnover. Traders will always have a VPS with trading terminals available at their fingertips, either from a mobile device or another computer anywhere in the world. You will receive a quality VPS service which can be used for business or commercial purposes.

Clients: Financial institutions

Partners: Acunetix, TopFX, Tifia, Claws § Horns

Support: 24/7


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