GTS is a market maker of stocks, other commodities, futures, forex and interest rate commodities. GTS trades above 10,000 commodities worldwide and accomplishes billions of transactions per day, applying years of authoritative technology-driven trading background to generate business markets more efficiently. GTS operates at the crossroads of capital markets and advanced technology. Their innovations bring great price discovery, transaction execution, transparency to investors and efficient pricing in the market. They account for 3-5% of the daily cash stock in the United States, are the largest designated market maker on the New York Stock Exchange, and include a market capitalization of over $ 11 trillion. Investing in the original technology and leveraging experience across the market structure brings consistency, proficiency and transparentness to today’s markets.

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Specialize in transparent, customized liquidity solutions across multiple asset classes, delivered by the most client-centric team in the industry.

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Ari Rubenstein Co-Founder and CEO at Global Trading Systems
Ari Rubenstein
Co-Founder and CEO at GTS
Ken Zhang Managing Director at GTS
Ken Zhang
Managing Director at GTS