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FX Connect is the market-leading location for Forex trading, efficiently support real money managers and hedge funds, manage multiple portfolios and connect with counterparties, streamline your global trading operations.

As part of State Street’s market-leading Global Link suite electronic trading platforms, technology and workflow solutions, FX Connect simplifies and automates your entire Forex trading process-pre-transaction to execution, post-transaction settlement. It also integrates seamlessly with GlobalLink Trade Nexus platform for electronic matching, confirmation and contact of settlement after FX trading, allows you to efficiently manage your entire trade life cycle.

Clients have access to a deep and wide liquidity pool. There are over 65 liquidity provider choices. A wide range of flexible execution styles gives them the opportunity to handle on of the most sophisticated trading requirements.

Key Services


Supports numerous trading styles and strategies to transact spot, forwards, swaps and NDF trades across multiple counterparties. Post-trade reports including market-to-market, net position and outstanding position reports. Full electronic integration of FX trading workflow – from pre-trade account validation to trade upload and execution. Post-trade matching and confirmation available through our TradeNeXus platform. Supported settlement types include Gross, Net, CLS and Cleared.

Clients: Institutional clients

Partners: BestX

Support: With support desks in Asia, Europe and North America they are available to assist with general queries or complicated integration issues 24 hours a day, 6 days a week.