CopyMe.io is a fintech company that provides products and services for cryptocurrency exchanges. The company supports the traders and investors, who are looking for an opportunity to earn money in the cryptocurrency trading.

The company has an opportunity to copy deals from different traders and also lets investors to go after one’s trades is a ideal service in and of itself.

CopyMe has been trading markets for several years and late started trading crypto currencies with practically success. While the service is still being processed and built on the day-by-day support the company actively connecting traders and investors for the common profit in crypto currency trading/investing.

Key Services


CopyMe has complete access over its assets and accounts in real time – so no need to transfer funds to third-party operators, Portfolio diversification is made easy by tracking expert traders, A secure and simple system with encryption protocols in place, Reasonable pricing through a monthly subscription fee, Orders are executed rapidly so less wait time


Clients: Institutional clients

Support: 24/7