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Blockpass is a self-sovereign Identity Portal for regulated businesses and cyberspace. Through the operation of cryptocurrencies and effective contracts, Blockpass is a platform that gives shared regulatory and compliance services for general public businesses, items and devices. In its influential phase, Blockpass serves as the practically required identifying resoluteness for the blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem. The fast growing area has been bolstered by a surge in Initial Coin Offerings and trillions of dollars assets without confirming the individuality of investors. Fearing currency laundering, radical funding and ponzi plans, regulations are globally implementing preferable rules of ICOs and the blockchain sphere in general, requiring strict know-your-customer and anti-money-laundering compliance. Such specification verifications receive several days or weeks to finish slowing down consumer onboarding and are influential to meaningful payments as high-reaching as 20% of operational budgets.

Key Services


Blockpass enables a faster, cheaper, more secure customer onboarding process through the Blockpass Mobile App. KYC Connect: Using Blockpass secure eKYC system, customers are onboarded and can create a pre-verified identity before signing up for a business’s service, meaning that documentation delivery and verification are streamlined. Integrations: Integrating Blockpass into virtual banks, crypto exchanges, ICO platforms, STFO platforms and Wallets. Marketplace: Accessing financial services, digital asset custody provision, crypto crowdfunding and other offers for Blockpass identity holders, helping to promote DeFi businesses to thousands of crypto enthusiasts.

Clients: Retail and institutional clients, businesses and institutions

Partners: Waves, Bitfinex, Tokeny, Idex, Polymath, Bnk To The Future

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Adam Vaziri CEO Blockpass
Adam Vaziri
CEO at Blockpass
Thomas Leiritz CTO
Thomas Leiritz
CTO at Blockpass
Hans Lombardo COO
Hans Lombardo
COO at Blockpass