Bity supplies crypto field services and products for individuals and businesses everywhere. The team is performing as a barter between cryptocurrencies and fiat bills through the blockchain scheme.

The company proposes a cryptocurrency exchange platform, a system of BTMs/ CTMs in Switzerland, crypto to fiat and fiat to crypto online bill compensation and money delegate working APIs for businesses, over-the-counter trading and affiliate programs.

Established in January 2014, the company, as a Swiss – based FinTech startup, is positioned in the sector of finance, technology and innovation.

The core mission to build an accepted cryptocurrency gateway that supplies the guarantee and true products and services.

The main goal is to empower digital nations.

Key Services


Compliance: Audited by KPMG, Oversight by Swiss regulators. Years spent building trusted and reliable Swiss and European banking partnerships. Provide a platform accepting multiple currencies: cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH), and fiat (EUR, CHF) with easy integration for developers (API). Focus on privacy, automation, and delivering our crypto products and services with the highest quality Swiss standards in everything we do.

Clients: Institutional clients

Partners: MyEtherWallet, CV VC, Edge, LITE.IM by ZULU REPUBLIC, Inapay, UFC, Manor.ch

Support: Mon-Fri 9:00 - 17:00 GMT+1.


Yves Honoré CEO & Co-founder at Bity SA
Yves Honoré
CEO & Co-founder at Bity
Eva Dieu Site Manager chez Bity
Eva Dieu
Site Manager at Bity
Filipe Marques Gestionnaire Back-Office at Bity
Filipe Marques
Gestionnaire Back-Office at Bity