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Advanced Markets

Company description:

icon United States United States
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Description: Advanced Markets is a team of experts that specializes of liquidity aggregation and technology solutions. The company also offers its algorithmic and high frequency trading solutions.

Key Services: Liquidity Provider, Brokerage Creation, Risk Management, MT4/MT5 Bridges

Founded: 2006

Location: London, UK

Offices: New York

Special Features: B-book, full STP execution models, and hybrid, FOX-Full Order eXecution, Credit structures, DMA trading.

Advantages: Ability to earn volume-based referral fees, customizable trading environment, multiple platform front-ends, interbank and non-bank price liquidity, hedging, mobile trading, scalping, PAAM.

Clients: Institutional clients

Institutional Partners: UBS, JP Morgan, Citi, Bank of America, Barclays, Macquarie Bank

License: Australian Financial Services License (AFSL)

Don’t Accept:  Any Non-ECP U.S. Accounts

Regulated by: Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)

Support: 24/7


Founded in 2006

Employees: 11-50


Richard Perona photo
Richard Perona
VP of Institutional FX
Ahmed Atteya photo
Ahmed Atteya
Director Of Business Operations
Michael Cairns photo
Michael Cairns
Chief Operating Officer
Lynn Zhou photo
Lynn Zhou
Global Marketing Manager
Natallia Hunik
Chief Revenue Officer
Robert Voorhees
Director of Trade Operations
Anthony Brocco
Chief Executive Officer